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It’s been a good long time since I’ve had anything in-depth to share on here. Fox’s death hit us pretty hard but also opened some windows to teach our little family life lessons, specifically tell your loved ones you love them while they’re here. With going from two dogs to one and having an active toddler who loves getting out of the house (thanks, quarantine), road trips have become one of our go-to family activities. Ever since the restrictions were lifted a little bit, we’ve been to Joshua Tree and Sequoia and Kings Canyon. I did not want to mention it but okay I will, we explored in our masks, hiked in our masks and climbed boulders in our masks when people were around us.

At Joshua Tree, we stayed in a yurt that I found on airbnb. It was more of a glamping experience and we LOVED it. I think Adler loved it the most though. Being in front of the screen at least 40 hours a week, it was such a nice break for us. This experience got Ron and I talking more about camping more and well…#vanlife. We don’t plan on living in a van, we actually just signed our new lease in our rental. Glamping is more our thing. We to camp but we kind of don’t want to sleep on the floor. We like the idea of sleeping outside but not too outside. So here is the beginning of this one thing we’ve always wanted to try. Here is our in-the-meantime-while-we-avoid-people plan. We’re now searching for our van to take us to places.


Here's a picture of our airbnb. Click here to see it on airbnb.

Shattered Giant at Kings Canyon


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