Plot Twist

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We just got home from a trip from Cancun and here I am, looking through the spam comments that have been occupying my comment section on here. During the process, I revisited my last post and saw that I mentioned #vanlife. We actually did purchase a van. We found one right under our budget, spent thousands on it then on September 7th, 2020, it got stolen, and an attempt to get the catalytic converter was made. The van was found by a cop randomly running plates on parked cars. That day, I received a call, my husband left work early to "bail" the van out of the impound and get the insurance process going. The attempt to steal the catalytic converter rendered the van to be a total loss because those things take months to be delivered because of a shortage.

We did however camped more after. We bought a bigger tent, an extra mattress for Ron and Chippy and also got Chippy all the gear he may need. Adler loves it, and misses it. I do too, except for the part where we have to walk far to pee.

In other news, I just launched Maarte by Jan, a little sticker shop on Etsy. With launch, I mean just today--as in I just published my new listings. I hope this work out because I truly enjoy designing stickers.


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