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It's been a difficult few weeks. The storm started right after Adler's birthday where Adler and I both caught a stomach bug. The holidays were wonderful, my aunt and uncle flew in from Canada and spent a few nights with us. We got sick again after that wonderful and awkward first work week of 2019. Then another wave of ill weeks followed. We are all currently recovering with the rest of our relatives who in their own ways, caught a strain of the flu themselves.

I am currently sitting on the couch, just clocked out from working from home because I was not able to drive to work today. Why? One of my tires was flat...then at the tire shop, we realized that all of my tires were in bad shape. Bye money, bye.

On a lighter note, we have finished all the Harry Potter movies. Adler was able to watch all of them with us and as a result, anything that is in the form of a stick is a wand. The boy has grown so much, it's insane. At the daycare, he has learned to defend himself--he has always been the kid who just pouts or whines when others grab the toys he's playing with. He now knows how to swat (for lack of better term) and has learned to say "no."

I hope whoever you are who's reading this that you have a great rest of the month.


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