Living with Intent + Nostaligia

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Why am I buying this? To make our home more cozy. Would I keep thinking about it if I don't buy it? No. - It's a no.

Why am I buying this? I think Adler would love it. Does he usually like things like this? Yes. Would it make our home happier? Yes. - It's a yes.

Why am I donating this? I bought it to create a look for my blog 4 years ago. - Donate. 

Why do I have this scarf again? It's someone's gift. Do I love it? No. - Donate.

Why am I keeping this? I don't know.  - Let it go.

It's not all black and white. I have tattered hoodies that I got from our favorite souvenir store in Seattle and old sleeping tees that hold memories. I actually have a huge pajama shirt that my grandma gave me on my last Christmas in the Philippines in 2016, it's thin, worn out and faded but I am keeping it because it holds so much memories. It was the first Christmas without my two lolos (grandpas), first one without my paternal grandpa, the last Christmas in the Philippines, the first one in almost a decade that my cousins and I spent our Christmas Eve together and now that my lola is gone, it’s pretty much one of my last things from her.

On the other hand, I have a handbag from at least 3 years ago that Ron got for me because he knows I would love it. I did love it. I loved it, past tense, but I still have it. Not sure why, maybe because I don't want it to go to trash but I just can't let it go just yet. It's a learning process and in the journey, I am learning so much about myself. I'm learning how my love language has evolved from gifts to quality time. I swear to you guys, I can spend the entire day, sitting next to Ron, watching TV, watching Adler and be happy.


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