Our Top 5 Beach Must-Haves with a Toddler

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We finally got to go back to the beach since our trip to Hawaii last April but this time, we were more prepared because we're coming from our house. We also broke out and used one of our favorites gifts to Adler last Christmas!

Wagon. I never thought we’d need this. We live in a small rented townhouse so we use the Radio Flyer 3-In-1 EZ Folding Wagon. It folds in half so it only occupies a little space of our storage.

A pop-up tent. We used to have this Coleman beach tent but after we had Adler, it became too much work when we go to the beach. So when we went to Hawaii when Adler was 8-months-old, we bought a pop-up tent to protect his skin from the sun. It’s so easy and convenient to use and there’s no assembly required!

Insulated water bottles. I’ve been in the US for over a decade now and summer gets hotter year after year which means heat strokes and dehydration are on the rise! I also am not a fan of water that’s not cold so I drink more with the insulated water bottlers. Ron and I both use bottles from Swig Savvy because they appear on the Deal of the Day page once in a while.

Protection from the sun. Because duh. We put on lotion SPF 70 on Adler because he hates the spray kind. Ron and I use the spray kind because it’s more convenient especially when you don’t have someone to rub sunscreen on your back.

Snacks. This we generally do not leave the house without. Adler is a HUGE snacker...just like me. He also loves just sitting on the beach to watch the waves and wait for airplanes and helicopters. Our favorites to bring are penguins from Aldi (less salty than Goldfish!), Teddy Grahams, Puree pouches, string cheese or any cut up fruits!


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