63 Weeks

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I promise I have not forgotten but when you live a busy life, there are just some things you have to prioritize.

Adler is over a year old now, he tries to talk, he walks, he dances (a lot), he knows how to fake cry and does a lot of things one-year-olds do. It's insane how he has grown already. His independence amuses people around us, my mom, sisters and even Miss V, the daycare owner.  Every night, before I put him down in his crib, I stare at him, his little face, his tiny lips, his button nose and just admire everything about him. This is most satisfying on days that make me want to cry. He will always be a reminder of how much strength I have in me. Thank you anak* for making me feel like Wonder Woman. 

On another note, because we've surpassed the 52-week mark, this will be the last post counting Adler's age in weeks. 


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