27 Weeks, 5 Days

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Another Friday, another day to work from home. With Clifford the Red Dog in the background and a little guys exploring his jumper's activity center, I am a happy working mama.

We celebrated Father's Day (my nephew's graduation and my birthday) weekend in Palm Springs. My family rented out a house with a pool to satisfy the big kids' need for constant entertainment without needing anything with a screen while the adults, the little kid and the dogs are able to stay somewhere cold. We stayed "home" pretty much the entire time and cooked meals in-house too---save a lot of money from doing that I'm sure.

Adler was spoiled rotten the entire weekend as there is always someone who is readily available to play, cuddle and just lounge around with him. This little guy is the biggest fan of putting things in his mouth. Teething is a scary thing, from breastfeeding to getting sick because of too much interaction between his hands and mouth. Hopefully he doesn't get sick though.


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