25 Weeks

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Our handsome baby has gotten so big as if he has been blown up like a pool floatie. As he is awkwardly sleeping on my thing, I found a little push to blog after talking about it with my cousin. One day, I'll be back on my blogging track. I promise. For now, I wish to share some little snippets of our life as a family of five (yes, the dogs are definitely counted) and slowly ease my way into actual life and style blogging.

This weekend has been quite a stressful one for Ron. He found a sog on Saturday and had to push all his evening plans later. We are a family of dog lovers and we could not just let the dog he found back on the streets. In some weird way, the universe lead Ron to meet a couple who brought their dog who they just found from escaping their watch at the animal hospital where he had the dog he found scanned for a chip. The said couple now has the dog and are willing to keep him if nobody claims him. On Sunday, while picking up our sedan from the shop, the mechanic's family called him to tell him of his father's passing. Only Ron was there to keep him company so Ron waited until my tito arrived until my tito arrived to stay at the shop with out mechanic. A few hours at the beach seemed to clear his mind though. Who am I kidding?! I was more stressed than Ron was because that's me now---Miss Easily Stressed Jan.


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