28 Weeks, 1 Day

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I started writing this post out 2 days ago however I have not had a decent break from work so I just left it open the rest of the time until I could take a quick break.

I went to my 2-hour GTT test because I failed the 1-hour test by two points.
I learned on Friday that I failed my first GTT by 2 points. Hopefully everything is well after the test. I went through 15-16 hours of fasting so right after the test, I drove to McDonald’s and got me a McGriddle for brunch. I did not take lunch that day anymore because of how full I was.

Our little guy has been kicking and kicking like crazy and I love it. I love feeling him move especially when I’m touching my tummy from the outside. Not sure how much of the day he is awake anymore but it seems as though he takes naps through out the day now. I can also feel him kicking my insides now. My bladder, my sides (kidneys?), and my intestines. It hurts sometimes but I’d rather feel him in there than not.

Baby Shower
This should be a whole different post but I can’t help but to share about that super busy day. It was nice to be surrounded by people that matter to us. With the exception of some who were out of town at that time. The theme was traveling so the room was filled with planes and boat cutouts and the motif was blue and yellow—very similar to the nursery’s white, gray, dark blue and yellow. The day was a blur to me because I was busy the moment I walked the dogs up until I went to bed but I’m glad Ron, my ever social husband was able to talk to everyone at the party. More on this later, and probably actual pictures from the party are on their way.


  • Look for nursery decorations
  • Glucose Test
  • Order "Baby on Board" sign
  • Choose pictures for new frames
  • Glucose Test Round 2
  • No laundry left by Sunday
  • Dust in the living room
  • Actually put the gifts away
  • Return products to Target
  • Return products to Amazon


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