33 Weeks, 2 Days

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Officially 9 weeks and a day left until the little baby boy is coming out!--I originally started writing this blog at 30 weeks and 6 days but since I've been very busy at work, I have not had the time to stop, take a break and publish a post. So here I am now, making up for lost time. ;)

Mama News
30 Weeks, 6 Days: I have been getting more and more frustrated about my weight gain. The pregnancy hunger is real and I already cannot wait to get back into my *original* shape. As I continue to tip the scales, I am also well aware that I am avoiding groups of people to avoid having anyone dampen my mood…even further. I’m glad I got to see a friend last weekend. It was TOTALLY unplanned but it was fun and she gave me a reason to get up and get our of the house—one thing that only Ron can make me do. I’ll do anything to make that guy happy…except when I am truly tired and exhausted and could not feel the bottom of my feet anymore.

I also don’t like that I cannot help Ron with stuff around the house that require some lifting. All I can think of at times like that is: I used to be able to help him. Sometimes I just look away and look for something easy to do that Ron hates doing like doing the dishes and organizing the pantry.

33 Weeks, 2 Days: Halloween season is almost over which means our peak season is done. Imagine retailers getting done with the holidays, that's how we are with Halloween. So this only means this mama is TIRED. Luckily, my boss lets me work from home on Fridays. Back aches have started--both in my upper back and lower back. The lower back seems worse though because of my sciatic pain that always goes down my left leg. Everyday is exhausting. Our 15 minutes per mile dog walks have become 30 to 35-minute walks.

Daddy News
30 Weeks, 6 Days: He’s been so busy with nesting and shopping for the little guy. One day, he left me at home to shop around and drove around town shopping for stuff for the boy and the boy’s room. He’s also rearranged the downstairs to the set up of his dreams because we finally sold our dining table! Fortunately, our dining set landed in the hands of our friends (who are also expecting a baby). It’s good to know people.

33 Weeks, 2 Days: I can see Ron getting tired more and more from working busy days and going to school on after and staying there until late in the night. I am personally not a fan of his schedule but a papa's gotta do what a papa's got to do when it comes to his family's future.

30 Weeks, 6 Days: Kick here, kick there. The kicks are getting stronger however, he’s kicking less than usual probably because it’s getting pretty tight inside my belly. At times, I feel that he’s lower than usual and that’s usually when I take a break from being on my feet and just relaxing on the couch.

33 Weeks, 2 Days: I think I jinxed myself when I said that the baby has been kicking less because he is moving a lot more in there. The fetal hiccups are a delight to feel and I LOVE letting people (I like) feel him hiccup whenever he does. Can't wait for him to come out and feel all the love from my mom and sisters. They're all super excited to meet him already!

33 Weeks, 2 Days: We are ALMOST done. Just a little more vacuuming and one last furniture to build! We made a spur of the moment decision to sell our old desk, get a new, more functional one, clear the nursery of adult stuff and get a real changing table. We found a very practical and affordable changing table at Ikea, purchased it and now that I think about it, I cannot wait until the nursery is 100% ready!

  • Order "Baby on Board" sign
  • Choose pictures for new frames
  • No laundry left by Sunday
  • Dust in the living room
  • Actually put the gifts away
  • Return products to Target
  • Return products to Amazon
  • Sell the dining set
  • Get a new dining set
  • Get more nursery furniture at Ikea


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