26 Weeks

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This is Fox, the nursery construction director.

Labor Day Weekend
We spent the entire weekend preparing for the baby. We have purged at least 5 times in the summer and we still have so much stuff to get rid of. After two trips to Ikea on Sunday (one, to actually buy furniture and the second one because one of our items was damaged and we forgot something else), our nursery is all set...well, almost. But the baby's furniture are good to go. Crib, glider and wardrobe: check, check and check!

The dogs love the nursery. I think they love the space they have to move around and all the sun the room gets. Fox has been bugging me a lot whenever I sit and rest on the glider--he has, as a matter of fact, gotten used to sitting and balancing on the ottoman. Who knew the little scaredy-cat would be so comfy with this new thing in our house?! Chippy on the other hand is an all day napper so he loved sleeping on the makeshift couch in the nursery. I think he's just waiting for a new rug in the nursery so he can get settled in the new room. :)

I read this morning that he is now 14 inches long. FOURTEEN. That to me explains why I get tiny jolts that seem to be aimed at my bladder. It's not a fun sensation. I get worried that one day, he will move and just press on my bladder entirely and I will not be able to control my urine. *nervous laugh*

  • Schedule pick up for recalled Malm Dresser -  9/9/16
  • Organize desk shelf
  • Dust in the living room - oh shit. but you should see the nursery!
  • Laundry - I have a new batch though!
  • Another week of no buying lunch - nailed it.
  • Look for nursery decorations
  • Glucose Test
  • Order "Baby on Board" sign
  • Choose pictures for new frames.


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