24 Weeks, 6 Days

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I had my first ever night where I could not sleep last night. We had a double date with out neighbors C and B for dinner and the cajun seafood we ate gave me a bad heartburn in the middle of the night. My tummy felt like it was about to explode. I kept waking up and shifting to find the least uncomfortable position. Waking up tired on a Monday is not really my idea of a great start to the week.

To make my day brighter, I came to a desk with two packages and another box that was being held onto by my coworker in the warehouse. I got the pulley for my exercise machine, unfortunately I’m still missing some parts until I can start working out again. Package two is one of the cutest things in our registry, a onesie that says “My siblings have tails.” The third part is the most exciting one—my breast pump! LOL

Ron has been busy. He’s stepping into his second week as a college student and has spent hours studying already. He also did a 5k obstacle race on Saturday with our neighbor C. I’m glad he found a way to have something interesting to do in between his full-time job, his school work and us. On a deeper level though, I have never appreciated his presence as much as I do now. He always has my back and will always back me up on things. I'm glad that we communicate great and he is very understanding of my feelings especially now that I'm extra-emotional.

  • Schedule pick up for recalled Malm Dresser -  I've emailed IKEA and am waiting for their follow up-email. 
  • Organize desk shelf
  • Dust in the living room - Oops! My in-laws came unannounced soooo...
  • Laundry - Our dinner plans got in the way. Oops!
  • Another week of no buying lunch


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