24 Weeks, 1 Day

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Because at this moment, I want cookies and a caramel macchiato. 

I woke up today to a lot of movement in my stomach so per usual, I looked for Ron’s hand so he too can feel the movements. A few seconds passed and the movement was pretty rhythmic and felt like a stomach spasm so off to Google I go. Fetal hiccups, I typed. My thoughts at the moment were rushing in, Is this normal? Isn’t this too early? Is my baby really having hiccups? The answers I found were yes, yes and yes. So there, baby had his first hiccups on 8/24/16.

I am now out of school and two days in, I don’t like it. There’s no pressure to read something or get something done by this date. On the other hand, Ron just started school so our home is much emptier to me than usual. I keep asking him what he used to do because I get bored being alone even when I’m busy preparing food for the week and running errands on my way home. So I keep myself busy with chores, playing with the dogs and doing some more nesting.


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