Memorial Day Weekend Wins

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Getting to spend three whole days with Adler is already the highlight of my year. We did not plan a lot of things for Memorial Day weekend, we knew we just wanted to keep active and do things together and not eat out. We definitely did not eat out which is a huge win for us since we love eating. Adler however had so many wins this long weekend. I like waiting when he's ready to do things and I'm glad we do that because it gives Adler what kids love having the most--control.

No full blown tantrum. We always have an issue with moving on to the next activity. We went to Kidspace where there were SO MANY things to do. We had to do a little convincing to move on so he can keep trying new things and between moving between different rooms to saying bye to the fishes, the whining was at a minimal. I'm starting to see that he like focusing on one thing at a time before his attention is taken away by something he finds more interesting.

Riding a scooter and maneuvering it. He does not use the actual brake of his scooter yet but he uses the highly durable toe part of his crocs to stop the scooter. He also likes going fast. I can see more scooter practices in the coming weekends.

Exploring new things. Adler is a cautious kid..sometimes borderline scaredy-cat however this weekend, we let him climb and ride on his own while keeping a close eye and he did a lot of things without being pushed. He fell a few times but he only whined, got back up and tried again.

ABCs. Not sure when this started to happen but the kid already knows his letters. I love letting him learn and going with his own flow and this wave of knowing his letters was not one I was expecting.

Fat-sy (Foxy). Adler can finally pronounce Fox's name now. I think it's because we dropped off Fox to the vet on Monday morning that he started missing him and just made himself learn to say his name. It can also be because Fox always waits for him to finish eating so he can clean his high chair so we always say "Stop Fox!" when he gets too aggressive with pawing rice from Adler's lap! LOL


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